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Are you planning to conceive? We offer Fertility, Pregnancy and Postnatal Services

Fertility Management

Our Natural Fertility Management programs are designed with a ‘no stones unturned’ approach.

Natural Fertility programs are designed for all your fertility needs; from contraception, planned conception, pregnancy health care through to menopause. 

  • optimal health and fertility
  • natural contraception methods
  • planned conception
  • healthy pregnancy
  • natural, uncomplicated labour
  • ‘better’ healthy babies

Natural Contraception Program…understanding your natural body signs. Empower your womanhood and intimate relationships by understanding your natural body signs for contraception. Avoid the harmful effects of drugs to control your cycles for contraception and feel the benefits of healthy natural menstrual cycles. These techniques once learnt can be used for the rest of your fertile days and gently lead you towards menopause.

Pre Conception Health Care… for healthier ‘better’ babies.

When you reach a more optimal health prior to conceiving you can pass on that great health to your baby. The ‘Better’ babies program is true preventative medicine. Designed to support couples prior to conceiving and for those couples who are experiencing fertility problems. This program can help to increase the success of IVF attempts when completed for a minimum of 4 months prior to procedures. The benefits are healthier couples, healthier pregnancies, and healthy babies.

Pregnancy Healthcare

Acupuncture and Nutrition are safe, natural ways to bring balance to your body and may heal conditions of pregnancy. 

Now you are pregnant.. continue to be supported throughout your pregnancy and enjoy this precious time in life by alleviating symptoms should they arise.

We offer Pregnancy Healthcare during first, second and third trimesters and pre-birth acupuncture from 36 weeks with our aim to lead you towards a natural and uncomplicated labour and birth. Find research on acupuncture and pregnancy here!

Pre Birth Acupuncture

From 36 weeks gestation, acupuncture may benefit you by supporting your body’s natural processes to birth your baby. Traditional medicine techniques, acupuncture and moxibustion have been used in midwifery for thousands of years; and may improve softening of the cervix, pelvis and ligaments; regulate hormones and descend your energies to lead you towards a labour and birth. Click here for more research. For Breech presentation information, please follow the link for more research > 

Acupressure Points For Labour  

In the final weeks of pregnancy, we offer to help couples prepare for labour by teaching partners how to locate and use acupressure points that have been shown to be beneficial for relief of discomfort and for symptoms during labour.

Go to our ‘whats on’ page to find our next Acupressure Points For Labour Workshop.

Promote Labour

In Japan, gestation is considered to be 42 weeks. In the West, women are encouraged to have their babies at 40 weeks which doesn’t always happen… Acupuncture is a gentle way that may encourage babies to arrive naturally.

Post-Natal Care

Congratulations… now your precious baby has arrived!

Acupuncture may help you to build your energies after labour, to shorten your recovery time, and may help to bring your body back into shape so you can enjoy motherhood.

Our acupuncturists have a particular interest working with new mums to restore the body’s balance after labour and to prevent symptoms such as fevers, insomnia, emotional imbalance, and breastfeeding concerns such as mastitis.

Nutritional consultations provide you with the herbal medicine, supplementation and dietary advice to keep you and baby well nourished and free of disharmony.

IVF Support

Many health practitioners recommend acupuncture as an adjunct treatment that may assist with the increased success of your IVF program. There is continuing research to show that acupuncture may increase the effectiveness of IVF – read the research here. Or consult your AcuWellness practitioner/s to find out more about how acupuncture may support you and your health during this time.

Our Pre Conception Healthcare Programs aim to increase the health and vitality of both partners using natural methods to better prepare you and your bodies for the journey towards assisted conception, pregnancy and childbirth and beyond.

Preparation is key.. so make an appointment for a complimentary Pre Care Appointment to learn more about how our Pre Conception Healthcare Program and services may enhance your health and wellbeing to assist you on your IVF journey. 

“You have been with me on my journey for 8 years now and I am so grateful for that!”