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AcuWellness Community Gathering 〰️ Conversations with Acupuncturists.

The AcuWellness team would like to invite you to join us for a morning tea gathering with our Wellness community.

Our team will be here to answer any questions you might have in regards to our services: Acupuncture & Moxibustion, Chinese herbal medicine, supplementation, mineral and heavy metal analysis and the benefits of Traditional Oriental Medicine for you and the whole family.

Bring family members and any friends who may be interested in learning more about the benefits of our practice for health and longevity.

Some of the topics that may be of interest to you and your friends may include: how we support our people with acute and chronic illness from childhood to the elderly , wellbeing and emotional issues: anxiety and depression, hormonal imbalances; from menarche to menopause, pregnancy health care and the importance of energy flow in muscular and skeletal problems. We will be available to answer any questions.

When: Wednesday 17th of July 

Time: 10am – 11am 

Where: AcuWellness – 11/175 Ocean Drive, Twin Waters 4564

A cuppa and some healthy treats will be provided. 










Moxibustion Workshop

July 2024

When: Saturday, 20th July 2024

Time: 1 pm to 5pm

To all practitioners and students, you are welcome to attend our July Moxibustion Workshop at AcuWellness. A complimentary offering from our senior practitioner, Dr. Andrea Bicket.

We will be covering the history of some of the most famous Japanese practitioners and their moxibustion techniques. After a demonstration of these techniques, by Andrea, you will have the opportunity to apply the learnings and practice in a practical session and develop your skills.

Types of Moxa

Stick moxibustion (棒灸; Bo Kyu);

Needle head moxa (灸頭鍼; Kyu To Shin);

Needle shaft moxa (灸根鍼; Kyu Kon Shin) and Ondan;

Penetrating moxibustion (透熱灸; To Netsu Kyu) and Bamboo Kyu

Heat perception moxibustion (知熱灸; Chi Netsu Kyu)

 Kamaya moxibustion (カマヤ灸; Kamaya Kyu)

If you wish to attend the Workshop, please get in touch via email ✉️ hello@acuwellness.com.au


Acupressure Points for Labour

A FREE pre birth workshop for couples to learn acupressure points for labour and more.


Healthcare For Mind – Body – Baby