Autumn Wellness

Apr 19, 2022

Autumn is a season of transition as we move from the heat and expansive energies of Summer into the more inward cooler, dry months and into the cold, stillness of winter. The energy during Autumn descends like the leaves fall from the trees. The air becomes crisper and cooler, the days begin to shorten and the nights lengthen. On the Sunshine coast this Autumn we have been experiencing late rains and high humidity that can cause the environmental issue of mould.

In traditional medicine we recognise that our environment may directly affect our health and mould in our environment can be toxic. Mould can lead to conditions of dampness within our body leading to phlegm and fluid retention and symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, brain fog and joint pain. According to seasonal changes, and combined with the dampness in the environment we may experience problems of our sinuses and lungs as we are particularly vulnerable to these conditions at this time year. Coughs, cold and childhood illness are more common with the change of seasons.

What can you do? For environmental mould and to prevent dampness you can use a Dehumidifier in your home. These are easy to find in all major electrical stores. Be sure to buy them without the SMART technology and WIFI capabilities due to the impacts of this while you sleep. Set them to run throughout the day and night to remove the extra dampness from your environment and to prevent mould from growing. If mould already exists use white vinegar and to clean away the overgrowth and to prevent regrowth use a few drops of clove oil in a water and spray over surfaces. These simple remedies work well and the clove oil smells good too.

You can support your body and supplement the lungs with the foods you eat. Poor eating habits cause mucus to build in the stomach and lungs that blocks their proper functioning. Overeating, a lack of fibre, too much dairy, meat or other congesting foods, along with over processed fast foods can result in toxic build up that causes inflammation, mucus and exhaustion. So, to stay healthy, eat seasonal produce and during Autumn add slightly pungent flavours to your diet. Seasonal produce in Autumn includes garlic, onion, ginger, horseradish, shallots, and daikon radishes. The pungent flavours of these foods has a slightly warming nature and can cause the body to sweat which in turn has a moistening effect on the mucus membranes, the skin and that also benefits the functioning of the lungs and increases your energy levels too.