Endometriosis & Chinese Medicine

Nov 2, 2023

How do we address Endometriosis with Chinese Medicine 〰️ Written by Shani Isaacson.

Our bodies present in particular patterns related to Energy, blood and fluid, thermal natures, constitutional pattern (those which we were genetically born with), environmental factors, and emotional and lifestyle factors. All these factors contribute to how our bodies function.  

When we are knocked out of our constitution pattern, due to the above factors, we can develop symptoms that become more disruptive. With Endometriosis we have a level of stagnation in the way the blood functions. Usually related back to the liver function. There is either heat drying the blood nature and causing a blood stagnation highlighted by clots, pain, and changes to flow. Sometimes we have deficiency of yang qi (energy) which leads to cold and the blood not being able to move effectively, which also causes stagnation highlighted by pain and clots.  However, in this pattern there is more cold present, usually lower body presentation i.e. cold feet, cool tummy, lack of energy and zest for life. There can also be blood deficiency where there is a lack of nutritive quality and or fluid to the blood, leading to pain and heat symptoms i.e. early menstruation, flooding etc. These are a very brief overview of the patterns that lead to the stagnation that causes the symptoms of Endometriosis. And I do use the word symptoms when I say Endometriosis, as it is not the cause of disharmony, it is the end result symptom of an internal imbalance that can be quite easily corrected via Acupuncture and Chinese herbs.  

I have treated hundreds of patients with this condition over the last 10 years with very good outcomes for my people, this is why I am confident you don’t need to struggle with this condition for a life time or any longer actually.  

You do however need to commit to a weekly care course, for a minimum of three months with herbs to match.  After 2-3 Menstruation cycles we usually see a huge reduction in symptoms. This is a pattern that may try to reappear for a year or two, however, with once a month maintenance care once symptoms have resolved, I generally do not see people return for regular care as the imbalanced pattern/condition resolves from the pattern of disharmony to the constitutional pattern that is symptom free.

We advise once a month maintenance care, as a preventative measure for all things health ongoingly. A large majority of our people take us up on our advice because they feel how truly transformative qi, blood and fluid regulation is to their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

By Shani Isaacson