Spring Has Sprung

Apr 19, 2022

Rebirth and growth is in full bloom! There is a sense of renewal and blosom in the air. Seeds sprout and spring up from the Earth, flowers bloom, and the sun begins to warm us. While winter has been a time to conserve energy and minimize activity, spring is a time of regeneration, new beginnings, and renewal of spirit. The beginning of spring can contribute to a stirring within. You may notice that your sleep is a little restless, or you may be feeling slightly irritated, overwhelmed or anxious. Below we have included a Chinese Medicine view on this time of year and have given you tips to get you bouncing with a ‘spring in your step’, to ready you for the excitment of  the summer to come.

The Five Element Principles The five elements refer to teh elements of wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. The Five Element principle describes the flow of Qi, blood and fluids within the body. According to these principles, all change in the universe and your body, occurs in these five distinct stages. Each element has an association with a particular season, a specific element in nature, a pair of organs in the body, sensory organs, a taste, a colour… actually anything you can think of fits into the continuously changing five element theory. Change links together the seasons and aspects of nature, internal organs and all bodily processes. A practitioner of Traditional Medicine will use the principles of five-element theory to diagnose and treat any health problems that may occur, by linking foods, herbs and acupuncture points to balance the energy flow within. Once your body receives the right information, balance occurs and the body has the ability to self regulate and heal itself. SPRING Spring is an ideal time for rejuvenating and cleansing. Our sunken winter energy starts to make its way from deep within and becomes more superficial and our Qi (energy) becomes more dynamic. Its a perfect time to take advantage of this energetic nature of spring,  to cleanse and rejunvinate our bodies in preparation for the activity of summer. Spring is represented by the wood element; the paired yin and yang organs are the liver and gallbladder. These are the main organs that we target for springtime cleansing and health regimens.

Element: Wood
Season: spring
Color: Green
Nature: Yang  (more energetic)
Organs: Liver, Gallbladder
Emotions: Anger, frustration & passion
The Liver and Liver Qi Stagnation According to the philosophy of Chinese medicine, the liver organ is responsible for promoting the smooth flowing of Qi (energy) throughout the body. When the liver functions smoothly, physical and emotional activity is free and flexible, tasks are completed with ease; we wake rested and ready for the day. When we become stuck on tasks, irritated and wake feeling fatigued, we can look to our liver organ and its energetics. What you can do during the season of spring Stretch and Breathe The liver controls the tendons and quality of blood that nourishes us.

According to Chinese medicine, the liver stores blood during periods of rest and then releases it to the tendons in times of activity, maintaining tendon health and flexibility. Integrate a morning stretch into your routine. Try yoga and Qi Gong. Eye Exercises The liver opens into the eyes. Although all the organs have a connection to our eye health, the liver is mainly involved in proper eye function and strength of vision through tendon and ligament involvement and blood quality and supply. Remember to take breaks when looking at a computer monitor, it is important to extend you gaze and adjust your focus from near to far and don’t forget to blink t keep your eyes moist. Eat Green Green is the color of the liver and of springtime. Eating young plants – fresh, leafy greens, sprouts, and immature cereal grasses – can improve the liver’s overall functions and aid in the movement of energy.

Sour Flavour Sour is the flavour of the liver, the nature of the sour taste is astringent, just think of your lips and eyes as you suck a lemon. The sour flavour has an astrngent effect on the liver meridian and functions to astringe fluids back to the liver organ to increase the viscosity, volume and quality of the blood, which nourishes and feeds our whole body. So, in spring, pop some lemon slices in your drinking water, or use vinegar and olive oil for your salad dressing; and try garnishing your sandwich with a slice of dill pickle.

Be Active in Nature Movement, fresh air and the connection to nature is perfect for our liver energy, promoting flexibility and for the free flow of our ideas and emotions. If you are feeling irritable, find an outdoor activity to smooth out ‘liver qi stagnation’. Try walking or hiking one of the many beautiful mountains close by, or swim in our pristine ocean to enhance your wellbeing. Herbal teas Milk thistle helps protect liver cells from incoming toxins and encourages the liver to cleanse itself of damaging substances, such as alcohol, medications, pesticides and environmental toxins.

Acupuncture  and Herbal Medicine Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine may help to improve your overall health. Seasonal acupuncture treatments may also serve to nourish the inner organ systems and correct niggling annoyances, or imbalances before more serious problems arise.