The Balance Of Summer

Apr 19, 2022

Summer is the season of abundant energy, longer days and sunshine, ruled by the heart organ and small intestine. It is best to cultivate the yang ki in spring and summer, while protecting yin ki in autumn and winter. To help prevent summer illness and maintain balance Chinese Medicine teaches that in summer we can rise early with the sun, stay hydrated (300mls per 10kgs of body weight daily), add lighter more pungent foods into our diet to expel summer heat, all the while working on our emotions to stay calmer as anger creates energy to rise, creating more heat within the system.

Ultimately, we are working to create a balance of the yin and yang energies, maintaining warm feet and a cool head. Summer is a great time to continue or start Chinese medicine treatments that are uplifting or tonifying for yang, qi, and blood. It is also a time when heat and fire patterns can be suffered in a more pointed or aggressive presentation.

When the Heart is in balance, it is a kind leader but out of balance, people may experience:

• Insomnia • Palpitations • Red complexion • Excessive sweating • Irritability, anxiety, restlessness • Depression (too little joy) or mania (excess joy) • Speech problems: excessive talking, inappropriate laughter, rapid speech, aphasia, stuttering

To optimize your health during this season, allow yourself to stay out a little later, socialise with the people who bring you joy, make time to play, experience life and go on an adventure or two, but be sure to balance it with plenty of water, downtime and relaxation. Remember that this is a time for growth and expansion.

Top Tips for Summer: • Wake up earlier in the morning • Rest at midday • Go to bed a little later • Add pungent flavours to your diet • Seek water to balance the Fire element: cool baths, showers and swimming • Seek activities that bring you joy and put you in a state of flow • Nourish creative projects • Find time to play as a child • Acupuncture treatments to balance the yang energy