Treat The Mother To Treat The Child

Apr 19, 2022

In traditional medicine it is said, “treat the mother to treat the child”. According to the ancient 5 Element Philosophies, this is key to generating abundant good health that benefits the whole family. A Mother’s health and wellbeing is vital to the health of her children and the family. When a Mother is healthy and full of abundant energy her children have the best possible foundation for their own health and wellbeing.

There is a powerful energetic connection between mother and child that ‘mother nature’ has created to bond a mother to her baby for their survival. This connection helps a baby to find the breast following birth. This energetic connection continues and is incredibly strong until the child reaches the age of 7 years, at which stage a child begins to develop confidence in themselves and becomes more comfortable with other family members or carers to assist in providing them with their primary needs. At AcuWellness, a mothers’ health and wellbeing has always been our focus for care. We begin nurturing women in preparation for conception and throughout all phases of motherhood.

Our preconception treatments are focused on regulating the menstrual cycles, building the energy and the nutrient nature to ready the body for conception, and provide the best possible foundation for a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. At all stages of pregnancy, we care for Mother and baby’s health and well-being, for the relief of symptoms, for the development of baby at each stage, and to proactively prevent symptoms from arising during the different trimesters. Pregnancy healthcare is also important preparation for labour, the ‘4th trimester’ (post-partum phase) and to prepare for breastfeeding when the demands on a mother are extremely high.

We would love to support your Mum, your partner, or a special woman in your life who is in need of some pampering. Give the gift of acupuncture, naturopathy, or one of our decadent massages to help her glow from the inside out and to maintain a healthy balance that benefits the whole family.